10 Tik Tok ideas, see our list.

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10 Tik Tok ideas, see our list.

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To start with, If you’re not on Tik Tok yet, what are you waiting for? We have 10 ideas for Tik Tok. The Chinese social network already has over a billion monthly active users and more and more people of all ages are starting to create content and learning how to make money with TikTok.

However, the vast majority of content creators on TikTok come to face the same problem: running out of ideas for new videos to keep them viral and visible to their audience.

That this doesn’t happen to you? Today we bring you 10 TikTok ideas that will help you how to make a TikTok, create more content, making you reach more and more people. 

Top 10 ideas for TikTok Spain.

First, compared to other platforms like Instagram or YouTube, TikTok has a very friendly algorithm for content creators, offering a very powerful organic reach to reach your target audience. 

Meanwhile this same reach is what makes it easy for any content creator’s to go viral, moreover timeless content that can stay relevant for months if what you should really be aiming for to reach even more people. 

Now, get inspired by these 10 TikTok ideas that will make you visible to new users and help you grow on this platform. 

Tik Tok Ideas #1: How to make Tik Tok.

Are you an artist, cook, designer or just like to create? if you do, then make 1 minute videos showing a summary of how you create and showing how you start from scratch until you have your final result.


Who misses the McDonald’s snack wraps? 😔 @cookinwithmegg #mcdonalds #viral #food #recipes

♬ original sound – PureWow Recipes

Tik Tok Ideas #2: Your Daily Routine

Daily routines are very interesting content for your followers, especially when you already have users who are interested in what you have to share or when you make really aesthetic videos. 

Moreover, If you’re into fitness, self-care, travel, modeling, or if you have your own business that you work on daily, daily routines are a very valuable piece of content.

Tik Tok ideas #3: Share your Tik Tok likes hack

We all like to know the secrets that make our everyday tasks easier and that’s why hacks on TikTok have a great potential to go viral.

On top of that, if they are about topics we can all relate to, such as, for example, hacks for using phones.

Tik Tok Ideas #4: Tips & Advice Series

If you are dedicated to a specific category such as fashion, design, beauty so you can create a series of videos. Where you share your tips and advice that can help users who see you. 
Collect all the videos in your series in a TikTok playlist so that users who enter your profile can find them in the form of thematic collections and thus have a whole library of videos organized by type of content.

Tik Tok Ideas #5: Reviews and Recommendations 

Do you like to recommend your favorite products to others so they can make the right purchase or enjoy the same entertainment as you. Then do reviews of products, restaurants or anything else you consume and want to share with your audience.

You can put certain products to the test and compare them. Also try out recommendations from other tiktokers and share your genuine opinion about their use with your followers.

Tik Tok Ideas #6: Tops of your favorite things

Tops of your favorite things are very entertaining videos that will rank a series of products according to your experience with them. They have become very popular and are a very viral way to recommend your favorite products, services and experiences.

Ideas for Tik Tok #7: Recommend your favorite movies and series 

We’ve all run out of things to watch on Netflix more than once. That’s why recommending your favorite series, movies and books is a great way to create content that can get views and can also reach users who share your tastes and interests..


Si no la encontráis la pondré unos días en mi biografía de insta #greenscreen #parati #foryou #cine #pelicula #recomendacionpelicula #curiosidades

♬ Silent Castle – Jay Varton

Tik Tok Ideas #8: How to do duo tik tok or stitches

Stitches consist of taking a video from another creator and ‘attaching’ your own video to it as a response, reaction or complement to what is shown in the original video.

They are one of the common content formats on TikTok and a great source of ideas as you collaborate for use other creators’.

TikTok ideas #9: Create inspirational content.

Stories of transformation, life change and self-improvement have a lot of reach on a platform like TikTok. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and share your most personal experiences, so take advantage of this platform to reach those people who need a message like yours.

Tik Tok Ideas #10: Educate Your Audience

However, When you want to dedicate yourself to a specific category, whether it’s fitness, finance, wellness or beauty . You can create content that educates your audience where you teach them how the things you do work and how they can do them like you. 

So, to figure out which topics to start with, ask your followers what they’d like to know and what they’d like you to explain. You can also turn to Google and research the most frequently asked questions about your niche.

Now you know how to become a TikTok creator.

TikTok offers unmatched reach for content creators looking to reach more and more people, with niches in every category and an algorithm that heavily favors every interest.

Finally, apply the 10 ideas for TikTok we’ve brought you today and start growing by creating unique content that will get you in front of your ideal audience. Don’t forget to follow us on social media. Filiatly, you’re on TikTok