Whitelisting Influencer: risks and benefits

If you’re an influencer, you’ve probably been asked by brands if they can whitelist your account. Most influencers have no idea what this really means. As more brands use influencer whitelisting as a core part of their marketing budget, it’s important that you understand the whitelisting process. Influencer Whitelist 101 Influencer whitelisting means that you

Whitelisting o Lista Blanca Filiatly

Whitelisting of influencers. The most complete guide.

Content amplification is one of the hottest topics in creator marketing in recent years. But, you may be wondering,...
20 KPI para tu campaña de marketing de influencers

20 KPI for your influencer marketing campaign

In order to achieve a level of effectiveness, we have considered the 20 KPI for your Influencer Marketing campaign....
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Boost Marketing: how does the boost methodology work?

Boost marketing is a methodology dedicated to increasing sales by creating and expanding communities of content creators, how does...
Marketing de Influencers Filiatly

Influencer Marketing: Sponsorship with Celebrities

A perfect combination of a brand with a famous actor or musician can instantly attract the attention of millions...
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Is influencer marketing profitable?

Influencer marketing has become a key and really profitable strategy. On many occasions inevitable in the growth campaigns of...