What is Boost Marketing?

          Boost Marketing or Amplification Marketing is the methodology that allows you to build and grow a community of content creators with the aim of amplifying the reach of your brand.

Through the Boost Marketing methodology, brands create mutually beneficial agreements with content creators to reach an audience overloaded with information in a closer, more natural way.

Why Boost?

"Boost" means to amplify, and this is the essence of this methodology. To amplify the reach of companies through content creators that function as “speakers” to get to their target audience in a more natural way.

We live in a new economy: “the economy of attention”. As content has become increasingly abundant and readily available, attention becomes the limiting factor in the consumption of information.

For many years, the traditional way of communicating in companies has been through the creation and promotion of their own content, based on the AIDA model - Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. However, much fiercer competition and a consumer that is increasingly bombarded with advertising and is disseminated on different channels cause their attention to be more questionable than ever.

By partnering with content creators, companies have a way to cut through the process of building credibility by borrowing the trust these content creators have already built with their audiences.

The main factor of boost marketing is that content creators not only have the attention of the audience but also have their trust.

Companies that adopt the boost marketing methodology begin a process in which communication gradually ceases to be conceived within the company and subsequently disseminated abroad, to begin to be conceived abroad and spread online. This is, through the connections that content creators establish with their own audiences.


Content creators allow companies to reach their potential customers directly through someone they already trust. Not only does this help get more exposure for the brand and business in general, but the real advantage is that the leads you generate through content creators are more qualified and more likely to become customers for life.

Through an iterative process, the boost marketing methodology helps amplify your company's message by creating your own community of content creators. This methodology consists of six phases and each of them is based on obtaining real results that are analyzed and refined to begin, once again, a new cycle of boost marketing.

Boost methodology: the phases to implement it in your company

Have you thought about what would happen to your business if in a year you had 100, 500, or even 1,000 people promoting your products or services?

It all starts with building a community of content creators and for this reason, it is necessary to visualize the objectives that the company wants to achieve in the short and medium-term.

To define the best results, the boost marketing methodology establishes six phases to create a community of content creators that drives business growth.


The boost marketing methodology consists of 6 phases:

1. Define the strategy

The content creator strategy refers to the choice and establishment of objectives, the format of the content (written, image, video, or voice), and the channel on which it is to be posted.

Most companies fail because, although they are aware of the importance of content creation for the growth of their business, they lack a well-planned purpose.

2. Identify content creators

In this phase, it is important to identify the content creators who are most in line with your brand values.

Content creators mean those people who create original, relevant and authentic content and takes into account the relationship that that content creator establishes with their audience.

Just because a content creator has a large audience does not necessarily mean that they are the right content creator to work with. You want someone whose personal brand aligns with the identity and core values of your own brand or business.

3. Agree

Once the right content creators have been identified, it's time to strike deals with them. This is achieved by establishing partner agreements. Win-to-win agreements.

What can I offer content creators to promote my brand, my company?

Start small. Build few but good relationships with content creators until you have a clear win-win relationship and can expand the circle of reach by closing deals with new content creators.

4. Create and Publish

This is the phase that falls on the content creator. Now is the time to let content creators produce and share original, relevant and authentic content.

Businesses can guide creators by offering information and suggestions to improve their posts or give content creators complete freedom to produce and publish according to their style. In any case, the most important thing is not to impose exactly how the publication should be.

When it comes to boost marketing, you don't pay for content. You pay to build relationships and build your community.

5. Amplify the reach of your content

Search engine and social media algorithms are constantly updated in favor of their advertising interests, which directly affects the organic reach of the posts of content creators.

In this phase, it's time to measure the interactions on content creators' posts and promote those that perform the best.

This way, companies establish a communication channel with like-minded audiences through content creators, who also indirectly benefit from increasing the visibility of their profiles.

6. Acknowledge to create community

Acknowledge and thank the efforts of each content creator to foster lasting collaborations with the members of your private community, creating valuable relationships so that these creators wish to continue amplifying the company's message.

The Boost Marketing process seeks to generate long-term collaborations in which the recognition of each achievement strengthens the connection between both parties.

Since the Boost methodology focuses on creating mutually beneficial collaborations for both the company and the creators, it is essential to maintain close and open communication in these relationships in order to strengthen the community and continue to attract great results through Boost Marketing.


“We knew that generating more and more traffic was not synonymous with getting sales. So we had to build a community of content creators that spoke about our brand, and that's how we discovered the Boost Marketing methodology."


Álvaro Cuesta

CEO de Foodinthebox

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