Boost Marketing: how does the boost methodology work?

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Boost Marketing: how does the boost methodology work?

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The boost marketing is a methodology dedicated to increasing sales by creating and expanding communities of content creators, how does it work?, who are its protagonists and what makes up the boost methodology to meet the objectives of companies?

The main objective is to help the brand reach its target audience in a natural way, through user recommendations.

Who participates in the boost marketing methodology?

The digital environments in which we move every day are oversaturated with information and advertising.

So it is easy that the efforts of companies to reach their ideal audiences require more and more strategies.

Recommendations coming from content creators have earned the trust of their followers, readers, and subscribers.

The boost methodology has three main figures that carry out the actions that will improve the results of each of the proposed strategies. Let’s see what they are:


The company or brand will be responsible for defining how the boost methodology will be applied to improve its results.

The company will build and grow its own community of content creators who will attract their ideal audience to increase their sales or goals.

To build its community of content creators, the business must understand that content creators are different from influencers, ambassadors, and affiliates.

The company creates valuable relationships with the aim that these collaborations continue to bear fruit in the long term

Content creators

Content creators will be the speakers that amplify the company’s reach to reach their audiences.

These creators are contacted by the companies, which invite them to be part of their community of collaborators.

Like content creators, they have audiences that represent the company’s target audience.

The goal of the creators is to generate results for the brands with which they collaborate through the recommendation of their products and services.

Which will present to your audience in the form of attractive, authentic and quality content.


The audience that the company reaches through content creators is made up of people who have a need that the company can satisfy.

All users who follow, read or subscribe to the content of their favorite creators, who are attentive when they make recommendations for products or services.

The promotion of the companies must be given in the form of genuine recommendations since users can identify if it is true or acted.

Only the promotion strategies that manage to overcome this will be the ones that generate the best results in the form of reach and conversions.

How do the boost marketing phases work?

The boost methodology consists of six phases, the company creates its community of content creators and manages it in the appropriate way to obtain the best results.

Phase #1: Define the strategy

The first stage of the boost methodology is dedicated to the definition of the strategy to be executed and the visualization of the objectives to be achieved.

This phase determines the digital channels on which the company should focus its amplification, the profile of the ideal content creator to represent it.

The ideal content format, the budget with which it is counted, and all the necessary plans to reach the objectives.

Phase #2: Identify content creators

Find content creators who meet the requirements established in the previous stage, which include the number of followers, the channel with the greatest reach, brand values, among others.

The best members to make up a community of content creators are those who are dedicated to creating and sharing original content, close and relevant to the interests of the audience, through which the company can reach its target audience.

Phase #3: Create Winning Deals

The next stage is to agree mutually beneficial collaborations with the content creators that have been identified for the company.

These deals must offer unique and compelling value to the creator, including creative freedom over promotional content and payment modalities that benefit both parties.

Phase #4: Create and publish the content

The content of the creator becomes part of the creators of the company, it is time to create and publish the promotional content in which the products and services of the brand are recommended.

Content creators always recommend the company in the most genuine way possible, the creators have complete freedom on their publication methods.

The company can always provide recommendations and guides that help the creator to expose the strongest points about the product to be presented.

Phase #5: Amplify the message

When followers share the content, the company can use that content and take action to take it even further.

The Boost is what is known as amplifying, it is about taking the best content produced by the community and spending a budget on it to reach the specific audience.

Phase #6: Appreciate

This phase consists of thanking the members of the community of content creators every time they achieve the agreed results.

The recognition of these achievements is key to maintaining a strong and lasting relationship between collaborators.

By acknowledging and acknowledging the achievements of each content creator, the company expands its possibilities to increase its community and thus start boost marketing.

This process is key for companies that want to maximize the impact that content creators have on their audiences.

Through the creation of communities, companies attract their target audience from their collaborators, reaching their potential customers through trusted content.

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