What is Boost Marketing?

Boost Marketing consists of creating interactive and interested communities through the work of content creators in different channels that increase brands' awareness, reach, and sales.

With Boost Marketing, brands create mutually beneficial agreements with content creators to amplify their message and increase brand recognition.

Why Boost?

«Boost» means to propel and enhance the strategies of brands, improving processes through contact and tracking tools that offer a clear and real-time panorama of results.

To promote a brand and take it to new levels of growth, it is not only necessary to consciously know its needs, but also the goals it seeks to achieve with each of its strategies. When we talk about boosting, we mean finding the most effective way to build that impuls through the right connections and promotions targeted to real potential customers.

To foster this growth, it is necessary to jump on the wave of opportunities represented by digital communities and their respective authority figures. We are talking about content creators, who reach, establish, and focus on creating trusting relationships with their audiences in the fastest growing digital channels of the last decade.

These communities represent the ideal springboard to gain the necessary momentum and reach new and better audiences that could bring significant sales for brands.

This is how content creator communities become a very powerful tool for the commercial growth of companies.

In this way, the cycle of actions proposed by Boost Marketing finds its main pillar in the creation of successful collaborations between brands and content creators that represent that essential human factor to generate a need or desire to purchase in users prone to become brand customers.

Boost methodology: the steps to take for growing your company

To promote the growth of your company through a community of content creators, it is necessary to visualize the short and medium term objectives that the brand wants to achieve.

To define the best results, the Boost Marketing methodology establishes six key steps to create a community of content creators that drive the growth of brands.



To start impulsing a business through Boost Marketing, it is necessary to define the type of content creator that best meets the needs of the company.

The ideal content creator can be determined through the theme and style of their posts, which will be directed to a specific audience in which the need for the brand's product or service can be created.


When the ideal type of content creator to collaborate with is defined, it's time to identify those users who fit the reach and conversion goals of the company.

This includes the number of followers, readers, or subscribers, their posting style, and the relationship that particular content creator establishes with their audience. Each creator is different, so the created communities will be quite diverse and will provide the opportunity to obtain a variety of results.


Successful collaborations present successful results. When brands find their ideal creators, they form mutually beneficial agreements based on the good results of the promotional content created.

These agreements not only establish the parameters and conditions for a successful collaboration between brand and creator, but also define the ideal content strategy to attract new customers, increase sales, and amplify the reach to new audiences and potential consumers.

Create & Publish

In the Boost Marketing methodology, content creators have complete freedom to create the posts that best suit their content and personality.

When the creator publishes the content on their channels, their audience perceives the tone and identity that turn promotional content into a trusted recommendation. This is one of the main differences between Boost Marketing and Influencer Marketing. It is important that the creator can maintain their personality so that the content is perceived naturally and genuinely by their community.


The close collaboration with creators and the design of content strategies have the goal of facilitating messages and actions that bring them closer to the company's objectives.

Through the constant and planned targeting of promotional content, creators send their brand recommendations to their audiences, creating a need for the company's product or service in their users.


Because Boost Marketing is based on creating valuable relationships between brands and content creators, appreciation is a fundamental part of the efforts of every program, campaign, and publication.

The Boost methodology seeks to foster lasting collaborations with members of a private community of content creators, in which the acknowledgement of each achievement strengthens the relationship between both parties.


“We knew that generating more and more traffic was not equal to getting sales. This is why we had to build a community of ambassadors that spoke about our brand, and that's how we discovered the Boost Marketing methodology. "


Álvaro Cuesta

CEO de Foodinthebox

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