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Filiatly. is the platform where brands create and build their private communities with content creators just like you.


Discover your spaces

Evaluate your reports, obtain your links, and gather all the information about your collaborations in one place. Each click, registration, or sale that you generate for any brand will be registered on our platform so you can analyze them whenever you want.


Analyze your results

Discover where each of your indicators come from with our geolocation tool and evaluate where and when your posts have the best results.


Take control of your collaborations

collaboration requests from brands and accept only those that meet all your cost, content, and benefit standards. Only you can decide who you want - or don't want - to work with.

Payments with no surprises


We protect each one of your payments

Receive payments from the brands you work with and keep a detailed control of each of the commissions generated in the programs you belong to. Request and receive your payments whenever you want in an easy, fast, and secure way.

Validity and security to the last moment

In Filiatly. we know the value of your content. That's why we make sure that each of your payments is legally protected so that you keep a record of 100% verified invoices and transactions.

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You can become a member of the Filiatly partner community through an exclusive invitation that has absolutely no cost to you.

Meet, contact, and collaborate with the ideal brands for your content for free. All you need is creativity, strategy, and the desire to achieve your goals.


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