How to use Instagram Insights

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How to use Instagram Insights

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Analyzing results is a fundamental part of any strategy we implement, and Instagram knows it. Therefore, it is very important that we know how to use Instagram insights to interpret the results and know if our campaigns are working – or not – for our business.

Knowing how metrics work on Instagram helps us to create new strategies that complement those that have already been successful. Also, they give us valuable information about our followers’ behavior towards our posts, which tells us which part of our content they are responding to best.

This information is invaluable for brands, businesses, content creators and influencers of all levels, and is the key to identifying drivers of profile growth on the platform. So read on to learn how to find and interpret Instagram insights.

What are Instagram insights?

The rise of social media as a sales and promotion channel has made us familiar with post metrics. This information tells us how well or poorly our posts are doing, among which we can find reach, interactions, profile views, and more.

In Instagram, metrics or insights are a feature you can access to observe the performance of each of your publications. It’s only available for business profiles, but that’s not a problem; converting your Instagram profile into a business one is extremely easy, and we’ll tell you how to do it shortly.

Among the most valuable information offered by Instagram insights is the total number of interactions your posts get, such as likes, comments, or shares. You can also measure the impact of your advertising campaigns, finding out how many people have seen your ad, visited your profile, visited your website, and saved your posts.

Another valuable factor that this tool gives you access to is the demographics of your followers. Thus, you will be able to observe the age range, gender, geolocation, and other important data about the people who follow you. This is essential because this way we will know if we are reaching the users we are interested in to grow as a business.

Insights are a native Instagram tool, which means you don’t have to download anything or create an extra account on another website. All you have to do is convert your traditional Instagram profile into a business one, and here we’ll explain how.

How to view Instagram Insights

As we mentioned, you can only access your Instagram insights through a business profile, but don’t worry. Converting a traditional profile into a business one is extremely simple, and the only thing you need to do beforehand is to have already created a Facebook account for the same brand or person as your Instagram profile.

Now, to make sure that we are reaching the users we are most interested in and who in turn may have an interest in our product, we need to do the following:

  • Have created a Facebook for Business account with the same features as your Instagram account.
  • Go back to your profile and go to your Instagram account settings to convert your profile into a business account. Go to the Account option and scroll down until you find Switch to business account.
  • Follow the instructions and connect your Instagram profile with your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can create one at this stage of the process.
  • Review and edit the necessary contact details.
  • Tap Finish and you’re done! Go to the Insights icon and start analyzing all your profile metrics.

Instagram insights allow you to see all the information about the posts you start sharing from the moment you create your profile in a company. Similarly, if you go back to your traditional profile, you will lose all the information about your posts.

How to use Instagram Insights

Instagram insights offer us a whole selection of very important information for the growth of our profile, but how to interpret it?

Fortunately, the data that Instagram offers you about your publications are quite simple to read, and will represent success or not depending on your goals.

To learn a little more about how Instagram insights work, let’s learn what each of the subdivisions we can find in this tool represent.

#1. Activity

In this section of your metrics you will be able to see everything that has to do with interactions, reach and impressions of your profile. Each of these has to do with the visibility of your profile by other profiles, and will give you an idea of what you need to improve in order to reach more users.

Specifically, in this tab you can see:


This is the number of individual actions taken on your profile. Interactions are a great indicator to determine the interest in your brand that users who visit your profile have.

Among the interactions you can see in your insights are:

  • Profile visits, or how many users have visited your Instagram profile recently.
  • Website clicks, or how many people have clicked on the link in your bio.
  • Email, or how many people have tapped on the option to contact you by email.
  • Calls, or the number of people who have tapped on the option to call the contact number you enable on your profile.


The discovery section tells you the visibility of your posts to your followers and other users, and you can measure it through:

Reach, or the number of individual accounts have seen any of your posts.

Impressions, or the number of times each of your posts has been seen by other accounts.

Metrics on the reach and interactions of your posts will tell you whether your campaigns and discovery strategies have been working. That’s why the Activity section is one of the most valuable sets of information you can find in insights.

#2. Content

Content-related insights have to do with the interactions that each of your posts gets from your followers. This tells you the individual performance of each post, and points you to the type of content that has had the most influence on your audience.

In this section you can see:

  • Likes, comments, and saved posts, which tell you the popularity and engagement of each post.
  • CTAs such as emails, calls, and get directions, which tell you the number of times any of those options were selected on your profile.
  • Followers, or the number of new people who have followed you in the week.

Stories are not left out. With Instagram insights you can also see how they have performed in front of your followers:

Impressions, or number of times your story has been viewed.

Reach, or number of individual accounts that have seen your story.

Next, or number of people who have tapped to view your next story.

Return, or number of people who have tapped to view your previous story.

Responses, or number of responses your story has gotten.

Next story, or number of times users have jumped to another account’s story, thus leaving your story series.

Abandonment, or number of times users have exited the story section completely.

Content insights are what allow you to see the individual numbers for each post. To do this, you just go to the post you want to analyze and tap on View Stats, which will give you a very clear idea of the type of content your audience responds best to.

This way, you can create more content like that and plot new strategies based on what’s working best for you.

#3. Audience

The Audience section in Instagram insights tells you all the demographic information about your followers. This is super valuable because you can see in exact numbers the groups of people who are most interested in your brand and your content.

In this section you can see the following information about your followers:

  • Gender of your followers.
  • Their age range.
  • The country and city where they are located.
  • Days and times when your followers are most active.

Knowing your followers in more depth will help you determine if your content is reaching the people you are most interested in.

Similarly, these statistics give you a clear idea of the people your ad campaigns are reaching, giving you the opportunity to modify your segmentation based on the users you want to reach.

Instagram insights are the key to success for your brand.

Ultimately, Instagram insights are the platform’s most powerful tool for understanding the numbers that shape the results of your strategies. And even if you’re not yet implementing specific growth strategies, insights are a great place to find out where to start.

In a nutshell, Instagram Insights let you take a look at:

  • The followers you’ve gained or lost in the week.
  • How many people you’ve reached with your ad campaigns.
  • People have clicked on your links.
  • How many people have accessed your profile and from where.

All this – and the rest of the data that insights offer you – is the key to the constant growth of your brand. This information is the starting point for all the strategies you can apply to your content, as well as the goals you can set to achieve in a matter of weeks or months.

So make the most of the information you have at your fingertips and make your company profile grow like wildfire.