The future belongs to content creators 👩‍🚀


We believe…

We believe that the future belongs to content creators.

We believe in word of mouth as the most powerful marketing tool for companies in the 21st century. Above all, we believe that content creators all over the world are agents of change and authenticity.

Filiatly isn’t just a platform or a company or a group of talented people. Filiatly are you.

Filiatly is the support content creators might need to establish fairplay agreements with brands and business.

Filiatly is every business that is creating authentic User Generated Content.

Filiatly is a place where brands build a community of content creators related to them.

It’s not money, nor collabs what moves Filiatly. We are driven by the sense of belonging. It is hardwired in humans' brains, just like the craving of food.

There are other platforms that talk about love, collabs, happiness, money, but all are the same. Filiatly helps build a content creators community with a shared vision.

You can have the money, but we have the talents and creators; we have the creativity and authenticity.

Under the Filiatly umbrella we assemble individuals whose limits are the sky and beyond. Creators who enjoy their skills every day.

We are looking for them; true creators who usually share knowledge for free. We seek rebels, no number of followers, who constancy is their source of energy, who don't look back until they have achieved their dreams.

Are you a creator or a brand, we look forward your ultimate satisfaction is our top priority, and we'll go above and beyond to ensure it.

Are you one of us?