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It is a content creator with which we can make programs and we can measure their performance. For example, if you want to make a program that is based on registrations, you can measure in real time the number of leads that have registered on your website through the link of that content creator.

A content creator can be tracked by: sales, registrations and clicks.

Invitations are those collaboration requests that you send to the content creators you want to work with and turn into a member of your community. By sending a request to a content creator, you are inviting them to be part of your program and your community of collaborators.

If you run out of available invitations and need more, you must contact Filiatly's sales department to request them or to change your plan.

Boost means "to amplify" and it is at the heart of the boost marketing methodology. It is about creating a community of content creators where the best performing posts can be amplified through ads to segmented audiences made up of your potential customers.

The boost marketing methodology is composed of six phases (defining the strategy, identifying content creators, agreeing on win-to-win collaborations, creating and publishing, amplifying the content and acknowledging the work of your collaborators), and to implement each of them, we have Digital Boosters that you can include in your service to help you in every step of the way.

The transaction fee is the percentage that Filiatly keeps for managing payments and invoicing with all content creators in your community. Thanks to this fee we also avoid fraud in the payment of commissions and it works like this:

For example, if you decide to pay 10€ to a content creator for each sale they generate for you, we - after your return period - will make the payment to that content creator, we will invoice them and you will receive a single invoice for 13€ one expired month after that action has been executed.

This is a small commission so that you are not in charge of paying and invoicing 100 content creators who have generated sales for you.

A Digital Booster is a digital marketing professional specializing in the boost marketing methodology who will help you build your community of content creators and help you map out and execute your growth strategies.

Digital Boosters are certified by the Digital Booster School. They are experts in public relations, paid media and performance analysis, the three pillars to build a boost marketing strategy that will make you reach your potential customers and create a community of long-term collaborators.

No, it is not mandatory. You can hire Filiatly as a software and manage your community of content creators by yourself.

No, our prices do not include VAT.

There is no minimum permanence to work with Filiatly; however, creating a community of content creators that gives you the ideal results takes time, so we recommend a permanence of at least 6 months.

Filiatly. is a platform that gives you all the tools to create and manage a community of content creators with whom you can collaborate on your own programs in order to achieve your business goals.

Filiatly offers you access to a database of more than 4,500 content creators from more than 30 different categories that you can invite to collaborate. You can create partnership programs based on sales, registrations or clicks and set your own commissions per program. When it comes to payments, we take care of creating a single invoice for each of your collaborators.

Filiatly's goal is to simplify your partnerships with content creators who will help you reach your target audience of potential buyers, leaving you the time you need to focus on your growth strategies.

On Filiatly you will find a database with more than 4,500 content creators belonging to categories such as fashion, beauty, wellbeing, gastronomy, fitness and 30 other categories in which you can find bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers and other content creators covering formats such as video, photography, podcasts and more.

With Filiatly you will create commission programs where content creators will keep a percentage or a fixed fee that you set for each sale or signup they generate through their own commission link.

You can also create programs where you agree on a price for each click or each number of clicks that the content creator generates for your website. For example, 0.25 euros for every click or 1 euro for every four clicks.

These agreements guarantee that the content creator will be paid for their work and you can protect your investment by paying only for each conversion generated.

Programs are designed to manage your community of content creators. You can create a new program based on sales, clicks or registrations and invite to the program the content creators you want to collaborate with to achieve your goals.

Each Program will have one or two types of collaboration:

Clicks: This type of collaboration allows Partners who are assigned to that Program to receive a commission for every specified number of clicks made on the URL specific to that Partner and Program. Those URLs can redirect the customer to a website where the user is invited to sign up for a Newsletter, to an online store or simply to a landing page.

You can determine the commission you will pay for a given number of clicks in the Program and the commission the Partner will receive each time they generate that number of clicks.

Registration: It is very similar to a Clicks collaboration, but this time you will pay a commission to the Partner who, through their specific URL, gets customers to sign up to your database through a specific form that you create. For each registered user tracked through your link, a specific commission will be paid to that Partner.

Sales: The Sales partnership also works with the same logic as the previous ones. For each sale that the content creator generates through your specific URL, they will receive a percentage set by you in a mutually beneficial agreement.

Only you decide which content creators can be part of your programs. Identify who your ideal contributors are, find them on our platform and invite them to join your program to start collaborating.

Yes! You will be able to directly contact the content creators that are part of your program through our private chat.

If you want to collaborate with a content creator who is not on our platform, you can easily sign them up, invite them to your program and start measuring their performance.

It is a set of content creators that you invite to your programs, who will recommend your brand to their audiences in order to increase your conversions, your reputation and your reach.

This community is made up of the content creators who best represent your brand and best fit your objectives; they will be the loudspeakers who will tell their audience about what you offer through genuine recommendations and it will be with them with whom you will create long-term relationships that will bring you the best results.

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