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What is a Digital Booster?

A Digital Booster is a digital marketing expert specialized in the Boost methodology, which focuses on the growth of brands and companies through private communities of content creators that project and promote the brand in front of their audiences.

The objective of Digital Boosters is to help you create a community of Partners that perfectly adapts to your needs and goals, devising and implementing promotion strategies with real results.

A Digital Booster will help you:


Find the perfect partners for you

Digital Boosters are the experts who will help you find the ideal content creators to form successful collaborations. These content creators will become your Partners and will be part of your own private community of users who will promote your account in front of audiences interested in what you have to offer.


Create successful programs

A Digital Booster will guide you in the process of building a promotional program that fits what you need to create and strengthen your digital strategies. Establish connections, costs, and parameters for each of your programs with the help of experts to draw powerful action plans.


Increase your brand's reach and conversions

Digital Boosters will help you create the ideal environment for your Partners to create and share content for your brand in order to reach new audiences and increase your sales through genuine and attractive recommendations.

A Digital Booster is an expert in:



A Digital Booster not only establishes successful connections between brands and content creators to build great collaborations, but also has the tricks and experience to enhance the presence of both parties in front of their audiences.

Digital Marketing

Digital Boosters are experts in digital strategies that adapt to the needs and objectives of each brand, creating unique action plans for each of their collaborations with an approach to the main digital platforms.

Results Analysis

A Digital Booster will not only help you interpret your results, but will also work closely with you to strengthen the fronts that need it most and boost your most successful strategies.

All our Digital Boosters come from agencies certified in Boost Marketing by Filiatly.


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